miercuri, 30 septembrie 2009

Kawasaki KZ1000 ST

Here`s a pic of one of my old bikes. The great KZ1000. It was made in 1979 and holds about 105.000 Km.

marți, 22 septembrie 2009

Great Sporty


Fun riding.

One of my friends riding his old Yamaha Tenere 600 from 1989 , on the trak. It is a stock bike.

joi, 17 septembrie 2009

Board traker.

Found this incredible motorcycle on legendofthemotorcycle.com site. Looks like a board traker. Incredible machine!
Picture belongs to the original owner.

sâmbătă, 12 septembrie 2009

XS650 Cafe Racer

Found this incredible bike on Ottonero Blog. Bike was built by M/C Upper in Japan.The original article was writen and belongs to xs650chopper.com
Thanks for posting this on your sites and for sharing.
You can read the original article here:


vineri, 4 septembrie 2009

Great fast bobber.

Found this beautiful bike on xs650chopper.com.Read the article.Thanks for the pics.



Low riding bike.

Found this incredible bike. I do not remember the blog where it came from.

Attack chopper.

Just beautiful bike.

Good times.

From suicide wheels.

Bandit helmet.

Ozzy mugshot

Funny pic of the King.