miercuri, 30 iunie 2010

luni, 28 iunie 2010

The real shit !

One of the best ever built ! This is so cool !

Doom or be Doomed

Iron Man kicking some ass !

Their site HERE !

sâmbătă, 26 iunie 2010

Burner !

If you watch this video,Lemmy will kick your ass !

marți, 22 iunie 2010

miercuri, 9 iunie 2010

Extremely cool shit

This awesome bike was made by Jene Choppers in Japan. You can enjoy their work HERE.

Tiny pics

Old pic

Cool old pic (note the first bike on the right)

The Chingalings - a Puerto Rican motorcycle gang living rent-free in a city owned building in the South Bronx
NYC 1/75

Pic came from HERE.

duminică, 6 iunie 2010

Beemer Choppers

Picture from 1986 chopper show in Germany. It came from the www.jockeyjournal.com

Rocker Rocket !

Seat Warmer

I found this great cartoon on Motobasturds.com. Very funny but true

I swear bikers throw more money at crap that just gets in the way of biking than anybody I know. Some of the guys I know have radar detectors connected to chatterboxes connected to mp3 players connected to GPS units connected to . . . well you get the idea. I swear there are times I just want to get on the bike and go. I want to go someplace I’ve never been before, stop at road side cafes I’ve never eaten at, take to people I’ve never met before and will never see again. I mean isn’t that what a bike is for? If your ass is getting to cold to ride, maybe it’s time to stop and get a cup of coffee

joi, 3 iunie 2010

what the hell you're doing in my garage??

News from the KZ1000ST blog.

After many years ,Zoli`s bike is alive again. The first start in years HERE.

marți, 1 iunie 2010

Watch out for bikers?

Last weeks I was invited countless times over the internet to join a cause/movement/ or what the hell it is: WATCH OUT FOR BIKERS - GIVE THEM A CHANCE. SAVE THE BIKERS. It sounds like a fucking Greenpeace slogan.
So in this popular movement (around 25k bikers), the cage drivers are invited to "save the bikers", like you save a squirrel on a dark forest road. So the driver will watch for any biker on the road; if he see one, he will give him a chance, saving him from death, gaining for that eternal life and 72 virgins in heaven.

Assuming everytime that the driver may not see you or is too idiot to turn the head is much more effective than whining and beging for "a chance"