sâmbătă, 26 martie 2011

Dream tool shelf.

Crossover toolbox filled with 12 point quality sockets.

miercuri, 23 martie 2011

Nippon freedom and fighting spirit.

Got this unbelievable photo from the mighty blog 4Q.

luni, 21 martie 2011

duminică, 20 martie 2011



Thanks Matt.

Great racing bikes.

Racing engine.

Found this crazy racing engine, two stroke Minarelli with turbo. Awesome stuff !

El Peligroso.

One of the best bikes i`v seen. Traditional work, a true masterpiece from Master Builder Trevelen.

sâmbătă, 19 martie 2011

Master Builder Mondo Porras.

This guy is one of the originals. Along with Dave Mullins he started Denver`s Choppers in California in 1967. The shop is going strong today, and as far as i know is the oldest running shop in the world. These guys invented the Swedish style frame used in road bikes all over the world. Daredevil Dave died in 1992 while racing his speed boat and since then Mondo runs the shop by himself. Unfortunately ,many riders and builders are not quite familiar with Mondo`s work ,because this is the way this fucked up world is. Everybody should check their work HERE.
Respect, mister Mondo !

sâmbătă, 12 martie 2011

Happy birthday !


Our brothers in Japan are going through a great disaster. Japan was hit by a huge earthquake and the devastation is unbelievable.
If you want to help click HERE.

Small piece of time.

Old pic of my friends Sorin and Qaz, in the old motorcycle store, after Christmas ride.

duminică, 6 martie 2011

Some great stuff.

Some great stuff from the blogs i follow. Thanks !

Cool parts.

Some really cool parts from W&W Cycles.

Indian Larry`s street bike.

Some pics i`ve gathered from the net with Larry`s every day bike. Unfortunately there`s not much to learn about this great motorcycle on the internet. This bike is a real clear example how a true street chopper should be built ,with tough quality parts and great imagination and craftsmanship ,using modern-classic parts but keeping the traditional look and spirit alive. Larry was a true master!