sâmbătă, 30 ianuarie 2010

Fighter chopper.

Found this skinny, fighter chopper ( nippon , i think...) , on this guy`s Flickr channel:


miercuri, 27 ianuarie 2010

Realy cool bike.

I lost the link to the original location of this pic. The pic belongs to the original owner.

Cool mountain ride with my friends - 2007.

Fat ass busa.

Came from this guy`s channel:


Realy fast shit

Is a Gixxer on Autobahn.

Link came from this guy`s channel:


The Whip - Sporty

Check out this bike. I found`it on Youtube on Astekin`s channel. This are his on words on the bike:
"Custom bobber with handmade components such as stainless pipes, oil tank, shifter, handle bars and more. An old school style hardtail Harley Sportster, named for its unique jockey shift & clutch position."

I think the bike is just great, except the handlebars. In my opinion one apehanger handlebar would suit the bike just perfect.

sâmbătă, 16 ianuarie 2010

Beautiful Monica Renee.

Pic came from the web and belongs to the original owner.

Master builder and rider Dick Allen.

Pic of Dick Allen with Panhead. Read a fine article about this bike on the great blog MC Art, where the pic came from.

Link: http://motorcycleart.blogspot.com/

vineri, 15 ianuarie 2010

BSA bobbers - wild rides !

Got the pic from the great blog "Corpses from hell".

Link is here and in my link list:


The original Wild One

duminică, 10 ianuarie 2010

sâmbătă, 9 ianuarie 2010

sâmbătă, 2 ianuarie 2010

Gilby Clarke

Gilby Clarke`s bike. Pic taken by Josh Kurpius. Pic can be found at these links:



Master builder and rider Jesse James.



Bitching bike.

Found the pic on ADV rider form.

Maestro Arlen Ness in 1966.

Original bobber.

This is how original bobbers looked like. Fine examples of early fast machines. For more about early bobbers check out Sugar Bear`s interview in Jesse James documentary , History of Chopper.

Pics came from here:


Monica Renee again !!!

Enjoy !!!

Drag racing nostalgia site.

Check this small , great site here:


Top Fuel drag bike.

Cool paint job !

TLR wheelie.

vineri, 1 ianuarie 2010

Great looking bike.

Pics came from this blog: