duminică, 24 aprilie 2011

vineri, 22 aprilie 2011

duminică, 17 aprilie 2011

Heavy Metal.

They say Heavy Metal will never die. I gues it`s already dead. Nobody plays music like this anymore. RIP Lynott , RIP Moore!

Nice Honda.

My great hometown.

Some pics done in the 5th of December 2010,around 7 o`clock in the morning.

sâmbătă, 16 aprilie 2011


One of the best bikes i`ve seen.


Art tribute to massive artist and nippon patriot Yukio Mishima by portrait artist Mark Richfield.

sâmbătă, 9 aprilie 2011

miercuri, 6 aprilie 2011

R.I.P. Scott Columbus

Sad news today... Scott Columbus is gone.

marți, 5 aprilie 2011

Classic ones.

Got to love the traditional line of king and queen seats.

duminică, 3 aprilie 2011

sâmbătă, 2 aprilie 2011

O yes !

Stolen from BUZZKILLER. Thanks !

First seat made in our chop shop.

The seat is in progress ,but it`s our first one ,and the job looks all right until now.

vineri, 1 aprilie 2011