sâmbătă, 25 decembrie 2010

Happy Birthday Lemmy !!

Heavy Metal monster Lemmy just turned 65. Happy Birthday !!!

vineri, 24 decembrie 2010

Friscoish XS 650.

Very cool Frisco style chop form D-Club-Japan. The site is HERE.

Merry Christmas again !

joi, 16 decembrie 2010

Merry Christmas

Me and my friends getting in the Christmas spirit.

miercuri, 15 decembrie 2010

Yellow machine.

This fighter was built in Japan. Pic from the awesome blog SATAN`S CRATE.

marți, 14 decembrie 2010

Insane bikes !

Sorin racing.

A couple of really cool pics of my friend Sorin racing his old Honda in local vintage motorcycle race.

Super hot !

Cool bars.

Some really cool bars from the net and the blogs i follow.

Nice hair !

miercuri, 8 decembrie 2010

Dime - RIP

On the 8 of December 2004 , six years ago on this day, Metal Monster Dimebag Darrell passed away , shot down by a psychotic retard.

marți, 30 noiembrie 2010

OVERKILL Ironbound

Overkill better than ever.

luni, 29 noiembrie 2010

Fast chop.

Cool japanese frisco style chopper. Got to love the exhaust.

Tight bar.

luni, 8 noiembrie 2010

duminică, 7 noiembrie 2010

Fast Eddie Clarke.

Metal Monster Fast Eddie Clarke, just turned 60 last month.

Two stroke madness

GP two stroke bike exhaust.

vineri, 5 noiembrie 2010

Hardcore Bobba.

This almost stock Softail ,is the coolest bike Walz ever built. I wouldn't exactly call this bike a bobber, but nevertheless is a cool ride. Don`t really like the hotrod colored rims either.

Link HERE.

Absolutelly bitching caf.

The bike is a Junak 350 thumper. Source is this awesome blog ArtDecoMotor .Thanks !

joi, 4 noiembrie 2010

sâmbătă, 30 octombrie 2010

luni, 25 octombrie 2010

KZ 1300 - Legend !

The mighty Kawasaki KZ1300. Pure japanese mechanical madness and breathtaking 6 cylinder sound. A true classic motorcycle. Just awesome !

sâmbătă, 23 octombrie 2010

luni, 18 octombrie 2010

True heroes never die !

Burt Munro - speed freak , daredevil , master builder and rider , capturing the essence of motorcycling ! A huge inspiration !

luni, 4 octombrie 2010

Paying tribute to The King !

Exile`s Dirty Dave pays respects to fallen brother Indian Larry.

vineri, 1 octombrie 2010

Having fun !

Wheelie that bitch !

Some more true Metal.

Can you take some heavy shit like this ?

Wino and the Chopper

Wino on his bad ass rigid chop.

joi, 30 septembrie 2010

Great Street Chopper cover.

Rigid Ironhead

Cool Ironhead. From Rigid Chop Blog. Cool exhaust pipes.

Remember Jimi

18 September 1970 ,40 years ago , the great Jimi Hendrix left us. One of the grandfathers of Hard Rock and Metal music , we remember him.